Louis Tomlinson Speaks Out After An Animated Sex Scene Of Him And Harry Styles Aired on HBO

Everything you need to know about Euphoria, Larry Stylinson and the reaction so far.

Confused about this whole Euphoria/Larry Stylinson debacle? Let us talk you through it.

Louis Tomlinson has spoken out after an animated sex scene of him and Harry Styles aired on HBO’s Euphoria.

After a fan suggested that he and Harry gave it the go-ahead, he replied on Twitter: “I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it.”

So WTF is Larry Stylinson?

Since Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson appeared on the X Factor together as part of One Direction, some very enthusiastic fans felt the pair were secretly in love. This includes everything from fan accounts dedicated to the ‘couple’ to fans analysing any contact the two men share in an attempt to find something romantic.


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What’s Euphoria? 

A new HBO show called Euphoria landed this month starring Zendaya. It’s also produced by Drake. Based on an Israeli show with the same name, it follows the lives of a group of high school students. There’s lots of sex, drugs, social media references and big storylines.

How does Larry fit into this?

In a scene which recently aired Zendaya’s character introduces another teen largely credited with creating the Louis/Harry romance conspiracy theory. It then cuts to the teen who is seen writing away about the pair, and then to the animated version of the two men engaging in sexual acts backstage Take Me Home Tour.

What’s the reaction been like?

Some Larry stans were delighted to see the two in a love scene, but it seems that once Louis had his say about disapproving of it, the Directioners were against it too.

While Louis said he didn’t approve, Harry Styles has not yet spoken publicly about the scene.



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