Love Actually Director Let Us All In On The One Thing He Would Change About The Iconic Film

It's not really what we expected either.

Ah, Love Actually. I’ll admit it has its flaws, Mark’s questionable love for his best friend’s wife, to give just one example. But I won’t be fought on the fact that it’s one of the best Christmas movies out there. It’s just not Christmas until you sit down with a glass of wine to watch each character’s story unfold.

But at the Global Citizen Awards, director of the iconic 2003 film, Richard Curtis, told Metro about the one particular thing he would change. When asked to make the tough choice of what he would change, Richard replied, “That’s a really difficult question. I think the naked people should be wearing more clothes.”

Those naked people, if you need me to jog your memory, are John and Judy. Played by Martin Freeman (also known as the iconic Bilbo Baggins) and Joanna Page (Gavin & Stacey’s finest).

The two meet on set, as body doubles for a rather raunchy scene, and subsequently, end up falling in love. That’s definitely a story for the grandkids.

Honestly, I didn’t see that change coming. But now that he says it, more clothes in a Christmas movie will probably always be the better option.


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