Love Island Is Now Accepting Applications From People In A Relationship

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It sounds as if Love Island bosses are upping the ante, you no longer have to be single to apply for the show. They’re now accepting applications from people who are in relationships.

According to the application form, which you can find here if you fancy stepping into the villa this year, the applicant is asked if they are single or not – and if they reply no? Well, they are then told to: “Please describe your current relationship situation.”

So, they’re wanting to delve a little deeper here – I can only imagine this will make things that bit more interesting?

And that’s not the only change they’re making, as this year’s season is set to be the longest ever – as it’s been reported that contestants must be available to film for 10 consecutive weeks.

Usually, the show runs for 8 weeks during the summer, and now it seems that it’s going to be extended to a whole 10 weeks instead. As per the application form, it states that: “You must be exclusively available to participate in the programme for a minimum of ten consecutive weeks.”


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Plus, you may have heard that the show will be set in a new villa this year.

While the villa might be moving, it’s not going far, as they are looking for a place on the same island as before; Majorca in Spain. They plan on “moving to the foothills of mountains, by a lake or to the coast. ”

On the reason behind the new space, a source told the Sun, “ITV bosses think this is the right moment to refresh this element of the show, just as they did in series three back in 2017.

“Bosses are conscious of the fact that this is also an opportunity to consider all the new elements they could introduce to enhance the show even further.”

“For fans of Love Island this is huge news and they’ll be eager to see what the new villa looks like and how much it could change the show.”


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