Love Island’s Tom Clare And Samie Elishi Confirm Their Relationship Status

They weren't official on Love Island but what about now?


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It’s time for another Love Island check-in!

Ever since the show finished up last week, fans have been keeping up with their favourite islanders, but seeing as they’re not on our screens every night this can prove difficult. But one pairing did just give a major up date on their relationship status.

Tom Clare and Samie Elishi proved to be fan favourites this season, making it all the way to third place. Which is already impressive, but even more so when you consider they are both bombshells.

Since leaving Love Island, the pair have headed on dates, and most recently enjoyed a joint homecoming party. So considering how close they have gotten, are they an official couple yet?

Well…not exactly.


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Following their lavished homecoming celebrations, complete with balloons, a photo wall, and light display with their initials, Tom took to social media to answer some fan questions.

When asked if the pair were exclusive yet, Tom explained they aren’t.

Writing: “Samie will be my girlfriend very soon. We are very private people and it’s something that we would make just us two but yeah, she’ll be my girlfriend 100%.”

So Tom and Samie aren’t officially, but it sounds like there are plans in the works to change that, so watch this space.


At their homecoming celebration, the pair were joined by former villamate Claudia Fogerty.

Bombshell Claudia entered the series after Tom and Samie, but quickly grew close to everyone in the villa, especially Tom and Samie.

Joining the pair for the lavished party, Claudia surprised the guests of honour.

Sharing a video of herself entering the celebration, the designer wrote: “Surprise @samieelishi @tomclare I wouldn’t miss your coming home party for the world. Love you both so much and so proud of you.”