Love Selling Sunset? This Netflix Show Is Set To Be Your Next Binge

From Los Angeles to the Hamptons, we're ready.

Season three of Selling Sunset might have debuted over two weeks ago (and we binged it all in about two days), but that hasn’t stopped us from talking about it every single day since then.

From analysing every move made by the fierce brokers at the Oppenheim Group, to being shocked over Brett’s exit and dying to know more about Chrissy Teigen’s tweet, we’re living for all the drama surrounding the Sunset folk and so, it’s only right we find something to fill our real estate void.

Cue Million Dollar Beach House, which lands on Netflix August 26. The show which will look at the insanely expensive real estate in the Hamptons, will follow the selling of these major pads as well as all the drama that ensues from working as a top broker.


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From the trailer we’re already excited for this show to drop as it looks set to satisfy all our reality TV cravings.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be rich fabulous and high in demand, this show is set to uncover what it’s like to be the best at your game in the Hamptons, where the property market is fierce.

Again, it’s all just practice for when we flee the nest with all our broker knowledge and set up shop in a sunny location. Honestly, it’s only a matter of time, really.


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