Michael B Jordan Has Announced He’s Joining OnlyFans For A Very Wholesome Reason

King of noble pursuits right here.


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Michael B Jordan has been making some serious headlines recently and we’re loving it. Firstly, the Creed star was announced as People’s sexiest man alive for 2020. Then, on Wednesday, the New York Times named the 33-year-old one of the 25 greatest actors of the 21st century – joining a list with the likes of Denzel Washington, Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis to name a few.

But now, Michael is putting his new accolades towards good use, announcing to the world while on Jimmy Kimmel that he’s going to join OnlyFans.

But, besides the goodwill of Michael providing us with some OF content, his reason behind joining the service is seriously wholesome.

Wanting to raise money for businesses affected by the global pandemic, Jordan wants to help out barbers in particular. Working alongside his own barber, Joe, they’ve decided that all proceeds will go towards a barber school to help that industry out.


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A post shared by Michael B. Jordan (@michaelbjordan)

“I’m actually gonna start one. But all the proceeds are gonna go towards a barber school. During the quarantine, there’s been so many businesses and schools shut down. My barber Joe and the whole team, we’ve been plotting on that. We’re gonna work the system,” explained Jordan.

Can you cope? He’s too cute!

Now, before you think you’ll be seeing Michael in the nip on OnlyFans, his account won’t be used in the same way the site primarily runs, Jordan’s page will be all about his moustache, which we know will give fans a right laugh.

Adding that he wants to use his platform to influence the kind of stories that are told in the future, we can’t help but feel weak for this legend.

Hat tip to you, Michael B.