Miley Cyrus Has Revealed Her Plans To Bring Back Hannah Montana

Sweet niblets, this is some good news.

If you’ve ever dreamed about having Hannah Montana back on you screen, you’ll be happy to know it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility.

I know there was a period of time when we thought we’d never see her again, circa 2013, when it seemed like Miley Cyrus never wanted the words Hannah Montana to be uttered again, but it looks like she’s ready to bring the Disney personality to life again and we’re thrillit.

In a recent interview with ‘Carolina With Greg T In The Morning’, Miley spoke about Hannah Montana and how she has plans to bring the pop star to our screens again, admitting that she’s put the wig on numerous times, but she’s just looking for the right time to bring her back.

“She’s just in storage collecting dust and I’m ready to whip her out.

“The opportunity will present itself. I definitely would like to resurrect her at some point.”


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Explaining that to resurrect Hannah will take a little work, the 27-year-old admitted that she wants to give her a massive overhaul, and change her look.

“She needs a big makeover because she’s kinda stuck in 2008, so we’ll need to go shopping with Miss Montana.”

As for what way Hannah would be brought back is unknown, but Miley said she’d be open for a series again. Will it happen? Our fingers are crossed.

Miley recently spoke out about her split from Cody Simpson, explaining that the pair have decided to go their separate ways after 10 months of dating. Noting that she doesn’t want people to make a “big deal” out of the situation, Miley explained that the pair are still “friends”.


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And speaking of exes, Miley spoke candidly about Liam Hemsworth and her marriage split in a recent podcast interview for “Call Her Daddy”, you can read more about her podcast tell-all here.