Millie Court Reveals Whether The Contestants Get To Choose Their Heart Rate Challenge Costumes

We've always wondered this!

There’s a lot about the behind-the-scenes of Love Island that we wonder about… What time do they go to bed? Where do they eat their meals? And do they choose their own costume for the heart rate challenge?

Luckily for us, Millie Court has given us some insight into one of these questions on her Instagram story. Talking about last night’s challenge Millie said, “I can’t believe that every single one of them girls absolutely smashed it. Their outfits were like ten times better than  the outfits we got last year. They got tiny little thongs on and all their bums look absolutely incredible…”

“They don’t even look nervous,” she continued. Telling her followers that the girls on her season were so nervous to do their dances.


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Millie then shared some information into how the day goes down. She told followers that herself and the girls practiced their dances in the dressing room and looked in the mirrors to see what they looked like.

As for the outfits and music? That is out of the contestants hands.

“You don’t get to choose your outfit. No, you do not have a choice in that. They bring you one-by-one outside the front of the villa and show you ‘this is what you’re wearing and this is the song you’re dancing to'” she explained.

Millie also let fans know that this is the only challenge that has music on during it, explaining that when you see them dance in other challenges it’s silent around them…Awks!



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