Miriam Mullins Says That Self Isolation Convinced Her To Start Doing TikTok

Very relatable Miriam!

The Late Late Show has branched out to attract younger viewers with their most recent guest.

The talk show is back as our Friday evening entertainment thankfully and this week TikTok star Miriam Mullins made her Late Late Show debut to the delight of her followers.

The creator appeared on the show to talk about her pandemic fame and her now 1.6million TikTok followers.

She told Ryan about how her TikTok career began, “The pandemic gave me a career. I decided I’m going to travel, I’m going to work.

“I applied in Florida, I went over in November in 2019. It was my first time away from home. It was a big change.

“It was a great experience and then I met my boyfriend Tiaan over there.

“In February 2020 the clouds were forming. I was trying to stay there for as long as I could.”

But she ultimately had to return to Ireland and isolate for two weeks. Like all of us in isolation, what else was there to do but stumble across TikTok and give it a go?

“Growing up I was always into speech and drama. I dabbled in social media before…Everyone was on TikTok, it was like this new thing. I was like, ‘Do you know what I’m going to make these videos and see how they do’.

“I started with the classic Irish mammy videos.”

From there her viewers continued to grow with her videos now gaining an impressive 93million views.

Miriam has a large base of younger viewers and she told Ryan that she enjoys the position of ‘role model’ that she’s found herself in, she even takes on difficult topics and gives advice to her viewers from back to school tips to messages of consent.

“I just wanted to do content for people to come on to my page for people to come on to and say, ‘I can relate to that’.

“I’ve done videos where I’ve had messages of consent in them.

“I absolutely love being a role model to young people as well.”

We love seeing Miriam use her career for a good cause, we can’t wait to see what’s next for her!

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