Molly-Mae Hague Gets Candid About Tough Early Weeks With Baby Bambi

"I wasn't sure I was ever going to feel happy again."

Molly-Mae Hague


Molly-Mae Hague has been a busy lady since welcoming baby Bambi earlier this year, and has been sharing the realities of life as a new mum with fans.

But she hasn’t shied away from the harsh truths about the big transition either, and has won praise from fans after opening up about her struggles in the early weeks of motherhood.

In her latest vlog, the reality star looked back on her first few weeks with baby Bambi, recalling a difficult day when she was trying to film for her YouTube channel.

Telling fans: “I came across this video which literally nearly made me cry.”


“Basically it was a clip, I think Bambi must have been only a couple of weeks old at this point, I’ve never felt more transported back to a moment in my life than how I did when I was watching that clip a few moments ago,” she explained.

The clip featured Molly pacing around her kitchen as she tried to settle a crying Bambi, in the middle of trying to record a vlog.

“I was home alone with Bambi and she was only a couple weeks old. She was literally screaming and crying, she had colic.”

“I was trying to start vlogging again and I was really trying to rush myself, back to chatting to you guys and being back present for you guys.”

“I was just desperate to not fall off,” Molly confessed.


Reflecting back the influencer revealed that she wished she had more patience with herself in those early days, regretting rushing to get back to her old routine.

“Looking back I’m like ‘what was wrong with you? You literally just had a baby and the fact that you’d even turned the camera on at this point and you thought that was a good time to Vlog!'”

“I just don’t think I was even in the room, I don’t think I was even processing what was going on.”

But the Love Island alum added that her headspace has improved as time has gone on. Saying: “Thank God and I’m so grateful for this, but I feel like I’m in such a good place at the moment I feel really really happy.”

Molly-Mae Hague


Continuing: “I think seeing that little video clip made me really reflect on how ridiculously far I’ve come and how genuinely, as deep as it sounds, I wasn’t sure I was ever going to feel happy again.”

“That’s how hard I found the first few weeks.”

“I’d say only now am I really experiencing what I believed motherhood would look like and Bambi’s nearly seven months.”

Molly then directly addressed new mums, and offered her reassurance that it is okay to find motherhood challenging.

“I just wanna say it for the other mums out there, that young newborn screaming baby or maybe your newborn’s not screaming maybe you just have a tiny baby and you’re finding it really really hard like, I know I’ve said it so many times but I just want to reiterate it because hearing it made me feel so much better, I promise you it gets so much easier,” she explained.

Photo by @mollymae on Instagram

“The visions that you maybe had of motherhood and how you thought it was going to be, maybe it’s not right now how you thought it was going to be and maybe you’re struggling more than you thought you might. I promise you like it’s gonna get better, it’s gonna get easier,” she continued.

“It’s just something I feel so passionate about, and God I’ve been on such a journey, and so far we’re only seven months in into motherhood.”

Concluding: “I’m just in such a really really good happy place at the minute and there was points like when I first had Bambi that I genuinely didn’t think I’d ever feel like this again and that’s pretty deep and pretty crazy to admit”