Molly Mae Hague Has Finally Confirmed Her Due Date

Baby Hague-Fury looks set to be an Aquarius


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We finally know when baby Hague-Fury will be arriving!

Molly Mae Hague and her Love Island beau confirmed they were expecting back in September but kept coy on how far along Molly Mae was, only saying she was over five months along. So naturally fans weren’t too sure on when their little on would be arriving.

Until no as Molly Mae has confirmed how long is left until she is expecting to give birth.

Posting on TikTok, the Love Island star lip-synced to an audio of Kylie Jenner saying: “So, I’m 34 weeks today… only got a month left,” while showing off her growing baby bump.

Captioning her video: “How did that happen.”

@mollymaehague How did that happen😳 #fyp #pregnant ♬ original sound – Rosie Reynolds

So it looks like the Love Island couple will be welcoming their little one in late January/early February.

An Aquarius baby!

But while we might know when to expect their little one’s arrival, they pair have yet to reveal the name they have chosen for their baby girl.

Fans have been busy speculating, but it seems no one has figured it out yet, with the soon-to-be mum shutting down one of the most popular theories.

After noticing Molly-Mae using cloud emojis in many of her captions in a lot of her posts lately, leading fans to believe these were hints and the baby will be called Cloud. But turns out they were barking up the wrong tree.


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Shutting down the speculation in a TikTok. Molly-Mae lip-synced to the “Hmm… funny. But not funny ha-ha, funny weird” sound as the screen read: “When people think they’ve cracked your baby name because you overuse an emoji.”

Captioning her post: “☁️☁️☁️i just think its cute”

So we know the baby’s name won’t be, but are there any actual hints on what babba Fury-Hague might be called? Well, yes actually! Molly-Mae has shared some details about the baby name she loves at the minute.

Sharing in a YouTube video, she said: “It’s always been a dream little girl name and luckily when I met Tommy and I told him the name I’ve always dreamt of using, he absolutely loved it too.

“It’s a really really unusual and a different name, I do not know anybody else with the name.”


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