Molly-Mae Hague Reveals It Took Her ‘A Long Time’ To Process That She Was Pregnant

"Sometimes I still don't believe it..."


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Molly-Mae has opened up about her pregnancy in a new Instagram Q&A.

The former Love Island star revealed that she still doesn’t believe she’s pregnant sometimes to this day and why she didn’t feel ready to film her friends and families reactions to the news.

“No we didn’t [film people’s reactions to the news]. Something about it just felt kind of unnatural? Even filming Tommy felt strange. It really took me a long time to process the news, I’ve explained all of this in my next vlog. I just didn’t feel ready to make videos/ film things for a good while because I still couldn’t comprehend that I was pregnant myself. Sometimes I still don’t believe it now (even though I can feel baby move).

“I absolutely love watching other people’s pregnancy reaction vids and I always imagined we would make one ! But yeah I think I just wasn’t ready to get the camera out,” she said.

She also revealed she waited until the day after she found out to tell Tommy because she wanted to make sure she told him in the “right way”.


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Explaining why she took the test she said, “I was one day (one day) late on my period but I am usually bang on time! I had a test in the drawer anyway so I just took it- I probably wouldn’t have actively gone to get a test for a while because I didn’t feel any different AT ALL. I’ll explain the actual story on my YouTube…”

The pair already have a baby name picked according to the PrettyLittleThing creative director, “We had a boy and girl name picked out from basically the day we met and we are sticking with the name we’ve had planned all along.”


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We wonder what it could be! When the pair had a fake baby on Love Island, remember the iconic “Eh Tommayy!”, they named the doll “TJ Fury” short for Tommy Junior…could this be on the cards? We will have to wait and see, but Molly-Mae has since revealed that her baby name taste is unusual. Saying her children won’t have the same name as others in their class…

We are looking forward to hearing more baby talk in the YouTuber’s next vlog, which can’t come soon enough tbh!


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