Molly-Mae Has Had To Ask People To Stop Knocking On Her Door For Selfies

"I will never ever say no to a picture but there's a line drawn when it comes to the house.”

Molly-Mae Hague explained an incident in which fans' parents rang her gate to ask for pictures

Molly-Mae has pleaded with her fans to stop showing up at her home looking for autographs and selfies.

Addressing the problem on her YouTube channel, she said that some parents of fans have been ringing the bell at her gate asking for her to come out.

Sharing that she doesn’t want to come across as ‘mean’ Molly-Mae said that she needs people who know where she lives to respect her privacy.

“This is not me being mean, this is not me being horrible. This is not me wanting a headline that says ‘Molly-Mae won’t take pictures with fans,” she said.Molly-Mae Hague breaks silence on Tommy Fury split rumours after fans claim  they 'seem very distanced' | The Irish Sun

“But I’m just gonna say this once. If you know my address, if you know where I live, if you know where Tommy and I live, please do not come ringing the gate, please, please.”

Continuing on, Molly-Mae says that she has no issue interacting with fans while she’s out and about, but coming to her home crosses a line for her and boyfriend Tommy.

“Out in public I will take pictures until I’m blue in the face. I will literally take pictures with anybody I will never ever say no to a picture but there’s a line drawn when it comes to the house.”Molly-Mae looks stunning as she reveals her latest new look - Manchester  Evening News

She went on to share a recent incident she had with a parent who dropped their child off at her door for a picture on their birthday.

“I just had an incident there where I’ve had parents driving their kids around to the house to think it’s OK to drop their kids off on their birthday to get a picture – it makes me feel so…

“It’s a very, very hard one for me because I don’t want to be mean, of course I want to get a picture with someone on their birthday that’s so sweet that they wanna come here on their birthday to get a picture with me but, it’s just like what do I do in that situation?”

Moly-Mae also questioned the parenting techniques of the people who are showing up to their home with their children.

“And if you’re the parents driving your kids around on their birthdays or when they have a book that they want me to sign and you know the address and you’re driving your kid round to come and see Tommy and I… I’m not sure about that.”

“I have a lot to say. I’m not gonna say it, but I’m not sure about that and that’s personally not a lesson that I would want to be teaching my child to let them think that that’s OK with someone’s personal space.”


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