Molly-Mae’s Sister Shares She Warned Her Against Becoming A ‘Young Mum’

"Just because it's not the way I would have done it"

Molly-Mae’s sister, Zoe has opened up about Molly-Mae’s pregnancy, sharing her excitement for the new arrival on its way.

Getting candid about her thoughts on her sister starting a family, Zoe Hague admitted that she did warn Molly-Mae against becoming a mother at a young age.

In the UK, the average age to have children currently sits at 29, while Molly-Mae is 23-years-old. But, she has a very fair response for people who believe that she’s too young to begin a family.

“I always used to say to her when growing up – because I’m very protective of her – ‘Don’t be too young [when you have kids],” Zoe told OK!

Molly-Mae Hague's sister Zoe engaged after romantic Lake District proposal from beau - OK! Magazine

Continuing on, she added Molly-Mae’s response: “and she was like, ‘Listen, everyone’s on their own journey'”

“Just because it’s not the way I would have done it – it is completely different to the way someone else would have done it. I just couldn’t be happier for her now,” added Zoe.


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Since announcing her pregnancy earlier this year, Molly-Mae has been sharing the ins and outs of her pregnancy and how she’s coping with it. Most recently, she shared the name that she would consider giving her baby had they been a boy.

“If it was a boy, there were conversations of it being Tommy Junior. He (Tommy) would have loved that,” she said.

For now, Molly-Mae has not shared her exact due-date with her followers, nor has she shared potential names she would like to give the little girl.


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