More Than 10 Irish Women Travel To England For An Abortion Every Single Day

New figures have revealed that large numbers of Irish girls are travelling to England for Abortions, so we're getting behind Amnesty International's My Body, My Rights campaign.

woman sitting on hospital bed

We’re delighted to welcome the launch of the ‘My Body, My Rights campaign’ to Ireland. Amnesty International (and STELLAR) are hoping that the campaign will force those in power step up and do something about the abortion laws in Ireland.

The UK’s Department of Health just revealed that every day ten Irish girls are traveling over to the UK To get abortions. It’s possible that even more are going over each day as these figures were only calculated based on the women who give their Irish address, many women just give their friends’ UK addresses.

The last time an amendment was made to our abortion laws was 1983, and unfortunately not a lot has changed since then.

As it stands, the law only allows abortion if the woman’s life is at risk. It still hasn’t been made legal for women who’ve been raped to have an abortion.

Women in this country can’t seek medical advice about a termination either. “Ireland must amend the constitution and remove the protection of the foetus. This needs to happen urgently as Ireland’s current laws are putting the lives of women and girls at risk everyday.” says Colm O’Gorman, executive director of Amnesty International Ireland.

If you want to get behind this worthy campaign, click here. Together we can get back the rights to our own bodies and stop the criminalisation of women for using taking control of their own agency.

By Laura Somers.