MTV Cribs Is Back: Here Are The Most Viewed Cribs Of All Time

A trip down memory lane?

It has been 12 long years since MTV Cribs graced our TV screens. Making for the best Saturday daytime telly, when all you wanted to do was forget about school and check out Shaq’s indoor basketball court, or Tony Hawk’s skatepark. Ah, the glory days.

But now, Cribs has returned to our screens, helping to make 2020 slightly better, and honestly, hat tip to the producers because it’s the perfect time to bring back a show like this; when all the shlebs are spending countless time in their homes, and I’m sure, only thrillit for a little TV appearance.

Returning at the end of last month, we’ve already seen Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn and her mega pad FEATURING A TIGER (read more here), as well as the likes of Jojo Siwa, Caitlyn Jenner and Stefflon Don all in the pipeline for the reboot series this year.

But what cribs were the most viewed in history? Well, according to YouTube views and data carried out by Bankrate UK, here are the ones we loved the most…

10th place

Billionaire Richard Branson and his tour of The British Virgin Islands

9th place

Pamela Anderson and her sandy beach home in Malibu

8th place

Hulk Hogan (who was all over MTV at the time) and his mansion complete with WWE memorabilia room

7th place 

Usher and his extensive car collection in Atlanta

6th place 

Nelly and his aquarium-esque house complete with fish tanks and waterfall

5th place 

Get Ur Freak On’s Missy Elliot and her Ferrari bed in Florida

4th place 

Redman and his against the grain MTV cribs episode

3rd place 

Lil Wayne and Birdman with their six-bedroom New Orleans pad

2nd place 

No surprise here, 50 Cent with his 19-bedroom and 35-bathroom mansion in Connecticut, imagine playing hide and seek here?

1st place 

And the number one spot goes to the dogfather, Snoop Dogg. His house complete with basketball court and furnishings featuring his face tops the list nearing three million views

Love to see it.