So Christine Quinn Bought A Tiger To Keep Her Safe At Home

Let's hope Carole Baskin doesn't get wind of this


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It’s been a couple months now since we last got out real-estate fix from the gals at Selling Sunset. But bridging the gap nicely as we await season four of the show, Christine Queen has opened the doors to her LA mansion, allowing MTV to have a snoop inside.

Aside from the frankly menacing fridge (where’s the food??) and outlandish decor, one thing in particular has caught the attention of the internet. Speaking about the increased security measures she and her husband has had to put on the house due to online trolling and threats, Christine revealed that she has armed security, guard dogs, and even bought a tiger to help her feel protected.

“We have got full-time security. There are armed guards and canine unit dogs. We got it all because the house was featured on Selling Sunset,” she said.

“My neighbours recognised it and called me up. I realised it meant people knew where we live now. That was a little scary to me because we are here a lot”

“We were warned that a lot of weird things were happening in the area and I joked, ‘If guns and dogs don’t scare people, we need a tiger.’ Then I decided it would be really fun to do that. So we found this guy who trains tigers as pets and got one.”

We’re not entirely sure where our morals lie on that one, and we are sure that Carole Baskin would have a thing or two to say to Christine if she gets wind, but the 31-year-old assures viewers that her Tiger is completely lovely, and wouldn’t hurt a fly, unless you crossed Christine of course.

“When we’ve had the tiger, he isn’t even on a leash. I’ve been within a foot of him and I wasn’t nervous at all. He is so friendly.”

Going on to drop some names, Christine says that the area she lives in is pretty popular with celebs, and has some a-list neighbours nearby.

“My neighbours are Max and Sepi from Selling Sunset. And I hear that Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls is my neighbour. I have yet to meet her.”

A release date for season four of Selling Sunset has not yet been confirmed. But we do have confirmation that there will indeed be a season four. Spilling the beans during an interview on This Morning last week, Christine said that the show has been picked up for a fourth season, but due to covid-19, the cast is currently waiting to be given the go-ahead to begin filming again.


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