My 30 Day Yoga Challenge Diary: Day 6

Day six of Laura Somers' 30 day yoga challenge and she's having a tough time dealing with men and smelly feet in the yoga studio...

Yoga class

My sympathy for the Russians yesterday has now transferred to sympathy for myself.

For those of you who don’t know, you’re supposed to do yoga with your socks off. I absolutely refuse to do this but I learnt to develop a tolerance for people who insist on following this rule. Until now.

For the duration of today’s class I had a man’s sweaty foot in my face – yes that’s right, a man’s horrible, sweaty, hairy, ugly foot… in my face.

I do not want a group of men seeing me sweat while I try not to fall over.

I hadn’t had many men in my class until today but half the class seemed to be full of them, much to my dismay. Fist of all, I do not want a group of men seeing me sweat while I try not to fall over. Secondly, men excrete a lot more fluids and are a lot larger than women. Not an ideal combo for yoga class.

Since they are the bigger sex they take up more room in the yoga studio, which means they’re a lot closer to me. I do not enjoy this invasion of space.

Back to the sweaty feet. I do not understand why you would not shower if you were knowingly going to have your feet in someone’s face. I mean really. Who does that? There came a point in the class where his toe inched dangerously close to my my mouth and I was half tempted to push him over. Luckily, I restrained myself as I don’t think that goes with the whole zen vibe.

Checklist for class tomorrow: Air freshener, tweezers (to slyly hurt the individual who tries to insert their toe into my mouth again) and a placard to start a protest for sock wearing.