#MyBlogLife: Meet Girl Boss Suzie McAdam Who Has A Design Blog You’ll Fall In Love With

Interior Designer Suzie gives us tips and tricks for creating a happy space.

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Name: Suzie McAdam

Occupation: Interior Designer And Architect


Instagram: @suziemcadam

How did you get into interior design and was it something you always had an interest in?

I was interested in art and design from a very early age, I drew and coloured endlessly and being creative came naturally, it was something I loved doing. I always observe my surroundings in detail, so when I watch a movie I look at the sets verses maybe the acting, or when I’m in a hotel, I wonder what lighting or flooring did they use. I studied architecture first but this is where I realised my passion lay with interior design so I continued my studies in design and when I graduated I pursued a career in interiors.

How do we know when we need to redesign a space?

When the space stops functioning well for you on a daily basis. If you’re coming into issues with the area, for example when you’re trying to read a book, or if you find yourself searching endlessly in a dark wardrobe or struggling to find storage for day to day items, that’s when you need to look at redesigning the space.

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Any rules before we start designing a new space?

I try not to follow too many rules apart from banning beige and pine.

We’re redesigning on a serious budget, help?!

You need to get creative and also put some time into it.  There are amazing auction houses with second hand finds across the country that offer amazing value but it does require a bit more time and effort than maybe purchasing something online. You’ll reap the rewards with some beautiful treasures in your home though.




Any easy DIY tricks?

Using copper or gold metallic spray paint is one my favourite DIY tricks! I use them for everything from outdoor plant pots to bedside tables. Warm metallics are still a massive trend in interiors and this easy trick is a great way of introducing this trend to your home.

What makes a happy space?

It’s really about what works for you. There isn’t a single outfit that would make every person who wears it equally happy and it’s the same for interiors. Coco Chanel said “An interior is the natural projection of the soul” and I truly believe that. If a space reflects the people inhabiting it and you feel comfortable in it, then it will become a happy space.


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What’s worth investing in?

A classic armchair is always a good investment, as it is something you will have forever and can pass on through generations.

What has been your best investment?

Probably my baby grand piano that I picked up at an auction. I will never part with it and I adore playing it.

What are your go-to colours? Do colours come in and out of trend?

Colours can be led by trends, the Pantone colour for 2016 is rose quartz and this will have a massive impact on shades and tones used for 2016/2017 in interiors. I tend to always lean towards cooler tones, so shades of blues, greys and greens would be my favourites.

What does every room need?

Definitely good lighting! It’s vital. We live in a dark climate most of the year so having proper lighting is key in all spaces. Not only for tasks, but also for creating a good mood and atmosphere from the morning prep time to evening chill time.

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