#MyBlogLife: Meet Teodora Kirilova AKA Rocababe

Teodora tells us how she grew her Instagram following to nearly 21,000 and shares her ultimate make-up faves.


Name: Teodora Kirilova

Age: 30

Website: rocababe.blogspot.ie

Instagram: @rocababe

Tell us how you got into Instagramming

I started Instagram about three years ago, with taking pictures of myself or my outfits. As I was going through Instagram, I got inspired even more from other bloggers, make-up artists and fashionistas.

How did you start building a following?

In the beginning I was following more people than I was followed by. Then I started to share other beauty and fashion bloggers on my page and they would do the same. It’s called share for share or a shoutout. This also helped me get more followers. Then I realised that I was getting a lot of likes and compliments on my outfit and make-up of the day photos, so I started posting more of them. I try to be consistent and post at least twice a week now.


What do you do asides from Instagramming?

I work full-time as well as my Instagramming. I’m a DKNY brand manager in one of the biggest retail companies in Ireland.

Is the feedback you receive always positive?

Yes, it’s mostly all positive but there’s always going to be one or two people who might leave a negative comment under your photos.

How long does it take you to get ready for a night on the town?

If I want my hair and make-up to be absolutely perfect, I’ll need about two hours to get myself all prepared.

How do you keep your hair and skin so healthy?

I guess that boils down to good genetics but I do lead a very healthy lifestyle as well. I’ve never smoked in my life and I eat really healthy too.

Any products you cannot live without?

Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer and also Batiste Volume Dry Shampoo.


What are your make-up essentials?

Definitely a good primer – I love Bare Minerals and Smashbox. Then I would use my Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer. Another make-up essential is the Bare Minerals Ready To Wear compact powder – it’s long wear and leaves a lovely finish. I also love to contour and highlight with Anastasia BeverlyHills Contour Kit and I use Gerard Cosmetics Highlight in Merilyn.

Who does your brows and lashes?

I do my brows myself and I recently got my lashes done for the first time with Love & Lashes on Facebook. They’re amazing.

Are you a big spender?

I would only really splurge money on shoes. If I see something that I like, but can’t afford it I always go on eBay or Aliexpress and check if it’s there. I also love the sales. If it’s a staple piece that I’m going to get more wear out of, I don’t mind paying more. I wouldn’t spend too much money on going out clothes as realistically I will only wear the outfit once.

What do you have your eyes on?

I’m dreaming of investing in a Chanel or a LV bag.

Who is your favourite fashion and make-up inspo?

It’s definitely J-Lo, I adore her.


We can see a resemblance, do you get compared a lot?

Sometimes I do get compared, yeah.

Has your Instagramming opened any doors for you?

Yeah, it has actually. I get sent a lot of free clothes and make-up to promote, I get invited to beauty and fashion events and even get paid for promoting hair extensions and things like that. I also get my hair done for free.

How does your discount system work?

Certain companies give me a special code for my followers to use, so every time they use it, I would get a small commission.

We want to become Insta famous. How can we do it?

You have to be consistent on Instagram and dedicate a lot of time posting photos and sharing other people’s profiles too. Giving shoutouts and liking other’s pictures gets your own profile out there.