#MyBlogLife: We Meet Teodora And Alexandra Coptil From Teddy & Alex

We chat to blogging duo Teddy and Alex, who blog everything from food and fitness, to fashion, beauty and interiors.

Names: Teodora Coptil and Alexandra Coptil

Website: teddyandalex.com

Instagram: @alexandra_coptil, @teddycm

Twitter: @TeddyAlexBlog

Blog traffic: 3,500 to 5,000 monthly views

Age: Teddy, 26; Alex, 23

How much time do you dedicate to blogging?

Between one and two hours a day midweek and our weekends are dedicated to outfit shoots with our older sister Julia who’s our photographer.

Is two better than one?

Definitely! It’s less daunting and it’s also great to bounce ideas off each other. Once you get along and have the same vision for the blog, you’re good to go.

Have you always been close?

We’re not only sisters, we’re best friends too. We both love fashion and food. We love the same TV shows, we go the gym together and we think very alike. We’ve always had the same friends and share each others clothes.

What are your individual strengths?

Teddy: I’m the organised one and I’m always on time!

Alex: I’m a dreamer and I like to think big – failure isn’t ever an option!

Favourite blog categories?

Teddy: Fashion and interior.

Alex: Fashion, food and fitness.

Blogging essentials?

Our MacBook air, iPhone 6 and Adobe Lightroom for photo-editing.

What should every woman own?

Great fitting jeans, a leather jacket, pointed flat shoes, a crisp white shirt and a good lipstick.

Favourite places to shop?

Cos, Acne Studios and Zara.

Your personal styles?

Alex: Mine is simplistic and minimal. I love basic pieces and I keep accessories strictly to sunglasses.

Teddy: Classic and minimal combined with a masculine touch. I love basic pieces too and I don’t wear a lot of colour.

Must-have beauty products?

MAC Skinfinish in soft and gentle, Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, MAC lipstick in Taupe and Aesop Body cleanser.

Alex, you lost 40lbs in one year. What tips would you give to women trying to lose weight?

Start making better eating choices and get that dressing on the side or grab a side of vegetables instead of chips. With regards to exercise, pick something you enjoy doing – don’t let it be a chore.

Is it hard to keep the weight off?

No, not at all. Once you make healthy eating and regular exercise part of your lifestyle you don’t have to worry about gaining it back.

What are your favourite healthy recipes?

  1. For coffee addicts, our fave is a healthy frappuccino. You’ll need one shot coffee, half a cup of skimmed milk, some ice and a flavoured protein powder. Blitz in a blender, enjoy!
  2. Breakfast is really important and we like to make it the night before to alleviate the morning stress. You’ll need a third of a cup of cooked porridge oats, mixed with a third of a cup of skimmed milk and a third of a cup of natural yoghurt. Top it off with some fresh fruit and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and place it in the fridge until the morning. Lovely, cold and fresh.

Any motivational tips?

  1. Don’t focus on the scale. Focus on how you feel. That’s what ultimately drives you.
  2. Grab a friend and get them to start with you. You’ll both be able to motivate each other.

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