#MyFitnessLife: Instagrammer Sian Walton Tells Us How She Got THAT Bum

Sian Walton fills us in on her diet and workout secrets. We're hitting the gym pronto.

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Name: Sian Walton

Age: 19

Instagram: @sianwalton_

How long have you been properly training?

I’ve been training properly for about six months now. Before that, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing in the gym. I was a major cardio bunny and couldn’t do much else!

How often do you work out?

At the moment, about five to six times a week.

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What does your gym routine look like? How long do you spend in a session?

I have a three day split: legs, shoulders and back. I train arms after every upper body session as well. So I train everything twice a week; I only do cardio the odd time. Most of the time I’d spend one or two hours in the gym – but you can easily get a good session done in 40 minutes.

Let’s talk about that bum. How did you get it?

I get asked this a lot! I love to do squats, obviously. With squats I do a few warm up sets and then move up to my heaviest. I do deadlifts, lunges and cable kickbacks and they also play a huge part. With each exercise I try to go as heavy as I can with weights and just give it my all. You have to eat enough of the right foods too, especially carbs!

Does squatting really work?!

Yes, as long as you have the correct form and do a combination of other exercises with them. Squats are brilliant, they improve circulation so they’re great for getting rid of cellulite.They’re also good for burning fat, losing weight, and working on your whole body.

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Are you 100% body confident?

I’m definitely a lot more confident but I don’t think any female is 100% body confident. Everyone has something about themselves that they don’t like. I try to encourage girls not to be afraid or intimidated of lifting weights as they are so beneficial if you’re looking for results.

Who’s your fitness inspo?

Nikki Blackketter without a doubt. She has influenced so many woman with her transformation. I came across her Youtube channel last year and watching her videos made me want to start taking the gym more seriously.

Favourite fitness Instagrammers?

Asides from Nikki; Buff Bunny, Amanda Bucci, Alexandra Bring and Denice Moberg. They’re amazing woman, so motivating.

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What’s your diet like?

Most of the time I try to stay away from processed food and dairy, just because I don’t feel good after eating them.  With every meal I try to have a balance of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. I don’t shy away from carbs at all which I think most woman do.  I do allow myself treats and I’ll eat out occasionally; I just make sure to have everything in moderation.

Describe a day on your plate.

For breakfast I’ll always have eggs and bacon or porridge and protein. I’ll add some veggies if I can.

For lunch I like to have fish or chicken with sweet potato. I’ll add some greens like spinach, asparagus or courgette. For snacks, I’m obsessed with protein bars. I’ve such a sweet tooth, so they keep me sane. I also love rice cakes with peanut butter.

For dinner it varies: I’d usually have a lean meat, loads of veggies and a carb like potato or rice.

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Do you have cheat days?

If you’re trying to eat healthy and lose weight, a cheat meal once a week works great for keeping you on track. But at the moment I don’t like to restrict myself. If there’s something I want to eat, I’ll eat it in moderation and make it fit my macros. I prefer to have a balance with food.

We want to get in shape now for the summer, can you give us a few tips?

The most important thing is to be consistent with everything, exercise and food wise. Take it one day at a time. If you’re going to start the week off well, then end it well. Keep track of your progress with photos or by keeping a diary. Definitely don’t do any drastic diets just to see results fast.  Another tip is find a gym partner, they’re extremely beneficial! You push yourself a lot more then you do on your own.

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