Need Healthy Lunch Inspo? These Restaurants Can Deliver Meals Straight To Your Office!

Perfect for anyone eating well this January!

January is in full swing and our New Year’s resolutions are proving more difficult to stick to than we thought. The promise we’d made to lunch prep every morning is starting to slip and we’re inches away from making bad decisions at the vending machine. Sound familiar? Fear not.

Our pals over at Deliveroo have loads of healthy lunch options that can be delivered to your office, and with no minimum-spend required, you don’t have to worry about buying more than you need.

Deliveroo brings Ireland’s finest local restaurants into everyone’s home or office – fast. Simply type your address into the search bar and see all of the best, local eateries in your area appear. Then choose your picks and hit ‘order’. Easy!


With everything from wholemeal wraps and salad bowls to vegetarian hot pots and salmon, Cocu’s menu is as flavourful as it is healthy. Don’t forget to tailor-make your own salad box and try out their freshly squeezed juices. They’ve got low-calorie snacks too, including ProperCorn popcorn and crunchy kale in a variety of flavours!


Sprout don’t just have you covered for lunch, they’ll sort you out for breakfast too! Kick off your morning with chia seed porridge, avocado on toast, or egg pots with salmon, bacon or chorizo. Then for lunch, indulge in a protein grain bowl (we love ours with Manor Farm Chicken and satay sauce) or a Paprika Chica wrap with sweet potato, spinach and red chilli! There’s also a selection of healthy juices – from beetroot and apple to carrot and super greens. Prefer smoothies? They’ve got those too!


Chopped offers Dublin a delicious range of healthy fast food. Build your own wrap from scratch with fresh Irish produce, or opt for one of their divine house salads – the walnut and goat’s cheese is a local fave, drizzled with a tangy balsamic vinaigrette. They’ve a special ‘Training Menu’ for gym-goers, including the TRX Chopped Force and Vegan Body Builder bowls. Here at STELLAR, we love their Piri Piri Chicken and often opt to get it in a wrap. All of these dishes can be personalised on Deliveroo – perfect for fussy eaters or anyone with allergies.

Umi Falafel

This place does *amazing* sandwiches including The Palestinian Falafel. Picture a pocket of Palestinian bread full of hummus, tomato, cucumber pickles, fried aubergine, flat parsley and chilli & tahini sauce. Drooling yet? ‘Cause we are! Umi is named after the Arabic word for ‘mother’, which explains why their falafels are handmade with such passion. Using a special mix of 14 ingredients, they prepare their falafels freshly every morning.

Fallon and Byrne

Fallon and Byrne is the best place to order from when you want a warm, wholesome, healthy lunch. Sure, they do salads and sandwiches too, but you *need* to try their lamb, chickpea & aubergine curry! Perhaps aged Irish beef lasagne is more your cup of tea? Or maybe you enjoy vegetarian chilli? Fallon & Byrne use top quality ingredients in every meal they make, so you can be guaranteed you’re being well fed. They offer plenty of healthy sides as well, including brown rice, carrots and sugar snaps, grilled Mediterranean veggies and roasted baby potatoes. Yum!

Green Beards

Green Beards make great tasting, cold, pressed organic juices and smoothies that are full of healthy goodness. They’re perfect for a morning pick-me-up for health-minded folk and they taste fab too! Our favourites include the Turmeric Sunrise (with carrot, apple, ginger, orange, turmeric, and lemon) and the Pink Buddha (with raspberries, chia seeds, vanilla essence, homemade almond milk, oats, banana, and agave).

To order, visit now, or download the Deliveroo app from the App Store or Google Play Store by clicking the links below:


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