New Music From One Direction Is Driving Fans Crazy

What is happening?!


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A new One Direction song has appeared online and the internet is going crazy.

A Twitter user shared the link to an unfamiliar One Direction song on Monday. The track “Where We Are” is an unleased song from 2014 which had been leaked.


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Right now, we still don’t know whether the song is really an unreleased archive or artificially generated music. Either way, fans online have already fallen in love with it.

After hearing the song, fans took to social media speculating as to what this music leak could mean.

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@abigailchinWHAT IS HAPPENING♬ original sound – victoria

After performing together for six years, the band decided to split up in 2016, so that they could each pursue their own solo careers. Since the split, all of the boys have released their own music.


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This is not the first time there have been rumors of a One Direction reunion. In fact, the band members have been hinting at some sort of reunion since 2017.

The most recent comment about the band getting back together came from Liam Payne. In May the singer was asked by Derek Chisora of Delicious TV: “When are we going to see the band back together?” Liam said: “I don’t know – but we just started a new group chat, so that’s something.” This sent fans into a frenzy praying for this iconic reunion.

All five of the boys may not have sung together in 7 years but there has been a mini reunion. According to The Sun,  Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, all met up in Los Angeles to collaborate on one of Liam’s new tracks for his second studio album.


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Could this mean our 1D dreams are finally coming true? Whether the rumors are true or not, we will always love One Direction!