Okay, So We Might Have Just Gotten A MAJOR Update On That High School Musical Reunion

I mean, it's High School Musical...who says we have to let it go?

Is…is this the start of something new?

Okay, maybe not the start of something new, but more, is the return of something stylishly vintage on the horizon? Well, it’s seems pretty likely, as we just got a big hint about a High School Musical reunion.

So back in July, the internet lost it with rumours of a High School Musical reunion, after both Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron visited the school where it was filmed, just a few weeks apart. Posting pics of their adventures at East High to their respective socials. Naturally we reverted back into our fangirl eras and lost our mind…just a little, hoping a fourth film might be on the way.

I mean, why else would two A-listers head back to their old set, around the same time? Just for photos? Doesn’t seem likely, but alas we never got anymore updates on the situation. Until now that is! As something pretty big is happening in the High School Musical universe.


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So High School Musical has been reincarnated for a young audience as High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Following a group of teens in the school where High School Musical was filmed, staging a production of HSM for their school play.

It’s already a sensational hit, launching the careers of Olivia Rodrigo, and Joshua Bassett, and has just been renewed for a fourth series.

So what does this have to do the OG films? Well, the theme for season four of HSM:TM:TS, is High School Musical 3: Senior Year. But as this crew of wildcats head back to campus, they discover the school is being used to film, drumroll please…High School Musical 4: The Reunion movie.

So it seems the reunion we’ve all been waiting for will be happening as part of the series, with Zac and Vanessa visiting to film for the series, as part of the Reunion Film for the show. Although neither of them have confirmed anything.

So what can we expect from this possible reunion?

Well, HSM:TM:TS is a mockumentary where the High School Musical films exist so, Zac and Vanessa will probably be playing themselves. Although we might get to see snippets of Troy and Gabriella as the slip into character to film the Reunion movie.

And what about any other cast members? KayCee Stroh who played Martha, Lucas Grabeel who played Ryan, and Corbin Bleu who played Chad, have all made appearances in the series already, so it seems pretty likely that they’d be on board to show up again.

Now, brb, we need to go stalk Ashley Tisdale and Monique Coleman’s IG, and find out if mean queen Sharpay Evans, and future US president Taylor McKessie might be making an appearance.