One Model Lost The Plot At Kanye’s Yeezy S4 Show And Twitter Is Slating Her

She wasn't the only one who struggled

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Being a model means you have to be willing to work in some pretty grim weather conditions, be it standing on a windy beach trying to make a bikini look good, or outside in minus temperatures because the photographer wanted to use the last of the natural light.

Wind and rain aside though, it’s the models at Kanye West’s Yeezy Season Four show that we really felt sorry for after seeing the videos and images from yesterday’s NYFW event. Boiling hot weather, an outfit someone else picked out and a pair of seriously uncomfortable shoes… that’s basically our nightmare situation right there.

Kanye’s show, which took place outdoors on the grounds of a smallpox hospital at Roosevelt Island (about an hour’s drive from Manhattan), received widespread criticism for its disorganisation and less-than-punctual start. Attendees were kept waiting in queues for over an hour after the show’s original start time, and when the show did begin, it was clear the models were feeling the strain of the 30C heat.

Some even fainted during the show:

In the end, one model – Instagram star Amina Blue – simply gave up, took her heels off and flung them on the grass, only to return later wearing fluffy slippers.

With close to half a million followers on Instagram, Amina was one of the more recognisable faces in the show, and we reckon she’ll be even more Insta-famous after yesterday’s incident – but Twitter wasn’t a fan of her desision to go shoe-less.

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