Orlando Bloom Made A Bit Of A Balls Of Proposing To Katy Perry, But She Loved It Anyway

A champagne bottle was broken. LOL.

We were delira when Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announced their engagement on Valentine’s Day – that ring! The ‘bloom’ puns! Katy’s mam posting it all on Facebook! Love it.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, Katy shared a few details about the cute proposal, revealing that Orlando first surprised her with a helicopter ride after a nice dinner: “I thought we were going to go see some art after dinner, but instead we pulled up to a helicopter.”

While in the air, Orlando gave Katy a note listing all the ways he loved her, which was meant to act as a distraction while he took the ring box from his pocket. But well… that didn’t quite work out for him.

He had champagne in the helicopter… I’m looking the note… And I turned around and the champagne bottle is broken, the bottle is everywhere. He was pulling out this box that was too big for his coat pocket, rips his coat pocket, and his elbow went into the champagne.

Despite all the fumbling, Katy said it was “really sweet”. The helicopter landed on a rooftop in Los Angeles where their family and friends were waiting to celebrate with them, and the next morning, they announced the happy news to the world.

After appearing on the show, Katy shared a video of herself stopping by In-N-Out Burger for a bite to eat – she had explained to Jimmy that In-N-Out “plays a big role” in her relationship with Orlando.

We bonded over an In-N-Out burger about three years ago at the Golden Globes. He stole one off my table… he took it and I was like “Wait! Who – oh wow, you’re so hot. Fine, take it.”

The couple who eats burgers together stays together. Can’t wait for this wedding, TBH.