‘Over For Good’: Gigi Hadid Is Not Happy About The Messages Zayn Has Been Sending His Ex Perrie Edwards

Apparently he's been flat out texting his ex.

Zayn and Perrie

Zayn and Gigi may have been packing on the PDA at the Met Gala last week but it seems their relationship might not be as rosy as it seems.

A source has told Life & Style that despite finding new love with Gigi, Zayn isn’t over his ex Perrie Edwards and has been texting her constantly over the past couple of weeks.

“Gigi keeps catching Zayn talking to his ex-fiancée [Perrie],” the source shares. “Gigi has had it. She’s told him that if she catches him talking to his ex again, it’s over for good.”

The source added that Gigi first caught the pair texting several weeks ago when Zayn text Perrie to “discuss some items she still has of his.”

The insider also reckons that Zayn and Gigi are on the rocks adding, “He’s told her he’s just not sure he can fully commit to her. He’s enjoying his fame and may want to keep his dating options open.”

Legit story or just another rumour? We’re guessing it’s probably latter.

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