Pamela Anderson Responds To Pam & Tommy Series

"There was no question the tape was stolen property, but the court decided it wasn't private property because her body belonged to the world."

The long-awaited Pam & Tommy series was recently released, and it’s left viewers with many thoughts. The show tells the story of the pair, who only knew each other for 96 hours before they decided to tie the knot on a beach, and focuses heavily on the sex tape the couple made together which was stolen back in 1995.

Now, it seems Pamela has reportedly responded to the series, with a source who spoke with Entertainment Weekly revaling that she has absolutely no interest in watching the series. “I do know she’ll never, never watch this,” the source revealed. “Not even years from now. Not even the trailer.”

Continuing, they shared: “As a friend of Pamela, at least no one will ever ask me again if the tape was really stolen. But imagine if a celebrity today had their nudes leaked and then Hollywood recreated not just the crime but the actual nudes – that would never happen.

“In the ’90s, Pamela’s body was deemed by a judge to be public property. There was no question the tape was stolen property, but the court decided it wasn’t private property because her body belonged to the world.”

They then added: “Pamela is somehow still the exception to the rule. She’s still up for grabs. That’s messed up. Yes, it’s brief clips – but to me the most damning aspect is that [Pam & Tommy] didn’t just tell the story, they recreated moments from the boat.”

Previously, it was rumoured that Pamela herself had a lot to say about Lily James’ transformation for the show, however, the insider clarified that she “never commented on Lily’s look and would never do so.

“This poor starlet has had to hear that Pamela thinks she’s trash – it just never happened. The headlines around that are just totally screwed up.”

Lastly, they shared that Pamela is not paying much attention to the show, as she’s “focused on her life in Vancouver.” They added that “she doesn’t read the headlines” and “she’s happy to be focused on her philanthropic efforts and wants any press she ever gets to be about that now.”


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