Pamela Anderson’s Bare Faced Statement Is Beautiful

"You are good enough, you are beautiful"


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During a time of glam, perfection and poise, Pamela Anderson decided to strip it all back and go makeup-free this Paris Fashion Week.

Known for her bold and unique perspective on life, Anderson has really stepped out of the box this time, by embracing her natural beauty – and she has never looked better!


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Pam made her first appearance in Paris at the front row of The Row Spring Show 2024. She wore an oversized, pinstripe suit, over a white buttoned-to-the-top shirt, and her natural face was framed by her blown-out, golden locks. Her skin radiant, freckled and without a touch of makeup. Iconic.

She continued to embrace the minimalism look throughout the week at the Victoria Beckham and Vivienne Westwood SS24 fashion shows and nobody could take their eyes off her natural glow.


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Pamela has always been recognised for her signature full glam and pinned-up hairstyle, so people can’t stop talking about her new barefaced era.

The Canadian-American actress and model has been in the limelight since the early eighties, and has often been upheld as the beauty standard for women.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, Pamela reminisced on her Baywatch days, describing her style as “wild and uninhibited…I just went along with what people were telling me to do”, she explained.


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She revealed that her reason for leaving her 90’s glam in the past is all down to the passing of her adored makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, who died from breast cancer in 2019.

“She was the best. And since then, I just felt, without Alexis, it’s just better for me not to wear makeup”

Her decision to forgo makeup has had a powerful effect on fans, who are moved and surprised by the gesture.

After her no-makeup debut in France, Pamela received nothing but love and admiration for her fearlessness amongst societal pressures to look ‘perfect’.


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Actress Jamie Lee Curtis took to Instagram to share her own respect for Pam’s decision.

“The natural beauty revolution has officially begun! @pamelaanderson in the middle of fashion week with so many pressures and posture, and and and, this woman showed up and claimed her seat at the table with nothing on her face”.

During an Interview with i-D, Pamela further expressed how relieved she was to be capable of accepting herself as she is, ageing and all.

When asked for her biggest beauty secret she said, “These days don’t do anything, wake up, whatever is happening is just happening, it’s all about self-acceptance, this is the chapter of my life I’m trying to embrace now.”

We love to hear it!


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She explains that her bare-faced statement is a reminder to women everywhere that ageing is inevitable and self-acceptance is where the real beauty lies, “You’re good enough, you are beautiful… I like to say the word ‘lifing’ instead of aging. Chasing youth is futile.”

Today, with so much pressure on women and unattainable beauty standards, Pam inspires so much confidence and individuality.

Her carefree attitude and her daring beauty declarations are exactly the kind of influence we need to overcome our fear of getting older, and welcome the beauty that is ageing.

Thank you, Pamela, for showing us that natural beauty is not something to be scared of, but rather something to embrace.

Words by Shauna Whyte