Paris Fury Has A Surprising Confession About Molly Mae

What a family!


Paris Fury has made a rather surprising confession about her relationship with future sister-in-law, Molly Mae Hague.

Paris and her husband Tyson Fury made some serious moves in the entertainment industry over the last few months, after their hit Netflix series, At Home With The Furys, became one of the most popular shows on Netflix overnight. The show featured the couple and their six children, along with their unborn child – Molly Mae and Tommy, Tyson’s brother, even made a few appearances.

Molly Mae and Tommy got engaged earlier this summer after four years together. It comes after she gave birth to their daughter Bambi back in January of this year.


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But, it turns out Paris was a little shocked about Molly Mae and recently shared why. In an interview with Fabulous Magazine, Paris admitted she was “really surprised” to hear Molly Mae speak “so highly” of her throughout the filming of At Home With The Furys.

During the show, Molly Mae can be seen telling her fiancé that Paris couldn’t have been sweeter when it came to being welcomed into the Fury family. She revealed she sees Paris as a total “wonder woman,” and that she “doesn’t know how she does it”.

Paris revealed to Fabulous Magazine: “I was actually really surprised that Molly-Mae spoke highly of me and my world. It’s lovely to hear people’s opinion of you. I think the same of her – she’s a clever young lady who’s really switched-on.”


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The mum of seven later revealed that they’re both extremely busy with family and work so “regrettably, we don’t get to see them much at the moment”.

She continued, adding: “Tyson and I met Bambi early on, and now Molly-Mae and Tommy are so busy. But hopefully there will be time soon.”

We can’t wait to see these sister-in-laws come together as a family!