Pete Davidson Makes Hilarious Appearance In The Kardashians Season 2 Trailer

He dropped that phone real quick!


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Finally, we know when we can get more Kardashian goodness on our screens!

The first season seemed to end abruptly with notably less episodes than KUWTK had per season, but now we know it won’t be too long before the family are back on our screens. With the new trailer for the show being released yesterday, we can mark September 22nd in our calendars to gather around and katch up with the fam.


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In the trailer we see clips of Kourtney’s wedding dress fittings, Kris being in hospital, Kylie having her baby and even Pete Davidson!

Yes, Kim Kardashian’s comedian boyfriend will make an appearance on the show, and a steamy one at that! At the end of the trailer, we see Kim go out to Pete who is talking to Khloe and ask, “babe, do you want to come shower with me real quick?” Pete fumbles his phone out of his hands as he follows Kim to the bathroom for a quick shower…

Okay but are they not the cutest?!

After the release of the trailer, Kim posted some more cutie pictures of herself and Pete on Instagram, you have to see them!


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In the dump of couple pics, we see a lot of Kim’s feet resting on Pete’s chest, which led Khloe to ask in the comments, “Do you guys have a foot fetish too? 😳”

The sisters have previously hinted that Kourtney and her husband Travis are fond of a little foot action, but Kim simply replied, “nope!”

We love seeing Kim so happy and absolutely cannot wait to see more into their relationship on the show. Roll on September 22nd we are patiently waiting.



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