Phoebe’s Triplets In Friends Are All Grown Up Now, And One Of Them Looks Just Like Her

Friends nerds, you're gonna love this

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching a child star grow up. We’ve seen Ben, played by Dylan and Cole Sprouse go on to have hugely successful careers in acting, and the twins who played their sister Emma recently poked their head up to let us know that she’s still around, and enjoyed her 18th birthday recently.

But there were more than just Ross’s offspring who grew up on the show. If you’re a Friends fan you’ll remember Phoebe was a surrogate for her brother and his wife in the show’s fifth season. She went on to have not one or two, but three babies, named Leslie, Chandler, and Frank Jr.Jr.

Well now, the triplets are all grown up, and one of them, in particular, is gaining some attention recently.

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don’t want to say goodbye to my good boy 😅

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Going viral for spilling all the tea from her time on the sitcom, Alexandria Cimoch has become TikTok famous, and fans can’t help but see a resemblance between the young girl and her on-screen birth mother, Pheobe.

As it turns out, Alexandria and her three brothers took it in turns to play the triplets, with one boy playing a girl – surely that was baby Chandler? Yes?

The triplets were played by multiple actors throughout the show, but Alexandria and her brothers played them when they were babies and again in the season six episode, The One With Joey’s Porsche.

But, it’s not just the new knowledge of the quadruplets existence that has Friends fans losing it. Alexandria herself has a young Phoebe look about her, and people are letting her know.

“This is so iconic, and you even kinda look like Lisa Kudrow now” commented one.

“OMG you look like Phoebe,” said another.

In case the inner Friends nerd in you was wondering, the quadruplets who played the triplets are all grown up now, with them having graduated high school recently and now enrolled in college. Alexandria is still acting today, and is studying musical theatre in Wisconsin.

Here’s hoping that that question comes up during our Zoom quiz this weekend!






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