Prepare Yourself, All-You-Can-Eat McDonald’s Fries Are Coming

Cheat meal sorted for the next, eh... forever.


McDonald’s chips are one thing that there just never seem to be enough of. We know it’s not right, and it’s definitely not healthy, but we could eat a bucket of those salty sticks of goodness and not think twice about it.

If you count McDonald’s as one of your go-to hangover spots then you’re in luck, as all-you-can-eat fries are apparently a thing now.

For the moment the (totally genius) idea seems to be restricted to one outlet in the US, but it’s the fact that it’s possible at all which has us excited.


Franchise owner Chris Habiger, who already owns six Macca’s outlets in the US, revealed his next branch in Missouri would be a “McDonald’s Of The Future,” complete with digital kiosks, DIY burgers and the aformentioned bottomless fries. GENIUS.

“Once you’ve placed your order, you can find your seat because we’ll bring it out to you,” he says of his new venture.

We have our fingers crossed that some business-savvy Irish franchisee will jump on board with the all-you-can-eat idea very soon. And if they could expand the plans to include all-you-can-eat McNuggets, well then we’d be in fast food heaven.