PSA: Avril Lavigne Is Bringing Us A Sk8er Boi Movie

2002 me is screaming.


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Possibly the best, most nostalgic news to receive on a Friday: Abril Lavigne is planning a movie based on her hit song Sk8er Boi. Yep, this is actually happening.

The storyline is planned all out, and Avril has even been meeting with production companies.

Sharing the exciting news during a chat on Mark Hoppus’ After School Radio on Apple Music Hits, Avril revealed: “Actually, I’m going to turn the song into a film.”

Before adding: “I’m in the process of putting together a film right now for it.”

“That’s a lot of work, I’ll tell you,” she continued.


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A post shared by Avril Lavigne (@avrillavigne)

“Meeting with production companies, I have my storyline and my idea and then assembling a team, talking and meeting with different writers.

“And then I get different pitches and then I talk to them.”

Explaining further, the singer added: “So I found someone right now that I’m digging. And so I think we’re moving forward.

“And then once the script’s written, I’m just producing and overseeing the whole project.”

Honestly, I can barely contain myself right now – 2002 me is screaming internally.


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