PSA: Sofia Richie Is Reportedly In A New Relationship

The pair are even *Instagram official*


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After the whirlwind romance that was Sofia Richie and Scott Disick, Sofia is now reportedly dating someone else. In case you were wondering, her family approves too.

The man in question is music executive Elliot Grainge, whose dad just so happens to be Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music Group. Sofia and Elliot have been close for quite a while, but now it seems like they’ve gone a step further.

A source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight revealed that Sofia and Elliot “have been friends for years and Elliot is also close with Sofia’s brother, Miles. It’s very nice for Sofia to date someone who her family approves of and likes.”

While they’re not *officially* official, the source added that “Sofia and Elliot are happy together and having fun.” Cute.

This all comes after the pair were spotted by paparazzi while out having dinner together. Even though they haven’t made their relationship official, they have gone Instagram official, with Sofia posting a pic of the pair to her feed. If that’s not enough, she also included a PDA pic of them kissing hidden in a series of pics on Instagram.


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In case you weren’t fully familiar, Sofia previously dated Scott Disick, who said during an episode of KUWTK that Sofia didn’t want to share him “as a boyfriend with Kourtney [Kardashian]”, and gave him an ultimatum – which leads us to where we are today.

Either way, we love a new celeb couple.