Red Velvet Lattes Are Here And You’re Going To Be Obsessed With Them

'Like a warm marshmallowy cupcake in liquid form.' SWOON.

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If last week’s rainbow coffees didn’t do enough to brighten up your mornings, then fear not. A café in Sydney has taken the colourful coffee phenomenon to the next level with a downright incredible invention – a red velvet latte.

Yes, you heard us. The tastiness of a red velvet cupcake, the caffeine of a morning latte. COMBINED.

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We’re aware the deep red lattes probably pack a fair calorific punch, but it’s definitely worth it for a drink that delicious.

The folks at The Local MBassy are keeping the exact ingredients of their gorgeously creamy drink under wraps, but they have divulged that the 30-minute (!) preparation process involves vanilla, cocoa powder, red food colouring and cream.

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The result? “A warm mashmallowly cupcake in liquid form.” Hold us…

As it’s currently autumn Down Under, cafés over there are tweaking their menus to include sweeter, warmer drinks that are perfect for curling up with while wearing a cosy sweater. And given the non-existence of a summer in Ireland, that’s exactly what we’ve been craving of late too.