Rejoice! McFly Are Releasing A Brand New Album!

13-year-old us are BUZZIN

Let your 13 year-old-self know! McFly is back, and they’re releasing a brand new album too!

2020 has just got a whooole lot better, as the boys, Tom, Dougie, Danny, and Harry have signed their first record deal with 2009 (!!) and are set to release their new music in a few month’s time.

Letting us know the news, the band tweeted yesterday:

“Heyyyy Missed us? We know… See you soon,”

Later, they announced that they have signed a record label and new music is on the way.

Some years after their last single, the McFly boys joined forces with the Busted boys to create a supergroup called ‘McBusted’, making music and touring together for a number of years.

It’s reported that tension between the boys from McFly put a hold on a band reunion back in 2017, with the BBC stating that they even considered therapy to get things back on track again.

“There was a strong possibility McFly would never happen again,” Tom told the BBC.

“We genuinely didn’t know how to get back on track.”

“We tried to talk it out a couple of times over those years and it just was very unproductive. So, yeah, there were moments where we talked about, ‘Do we need to get in a room with a therapist and document this?” Harry said.

Well, luckily for us the boys did hash out their differences somehow, and now we can look forward to all the new bops that we can dance around in our underwear to.

Fans on twitter got the memo about being excited too.


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