Remain Calm: A Friend’s Reunion Is Finally Happening!

The original show ended 16 years ago, in 2004.

Well, the internet literally exploded when this news hit, and for once it was good news.

All of the Friends cast simultaneously shared the same Instagram post yesterday evening that confirmed the news die-hard Friends fans have been waiting for. It’s coming back.

The original show ended 16 years ago, in 2004.

What do we know so far?

Unfortunately very little as the episode is being kept top secret. Apparently it won’t be a series but is set to be a one episode special.

All of the most important characters are involved, as they just couldn’t do it if even one of the OG cast didn’t want to be involved, could they?

Despite the fact the show ran from 1994 until 2004 it is almost universal in it’s appeal. Some of us would have watched it religiously when it first aired, and it has been available on Netflix since last year which means younger generations have been enjoying it too.

Although lets face it, when is there not a Friends re-run on on the TV?

With many of the cast only recently joining Instagram this planned post has clearly been in the works for a while. Many of them seem to have been hanging out recently and sharing the pictures online which has only fuelled the fires for a Friends reunion.

We have so many questions.

Will this episode cover just one day when the cast are back together, or will it cover a longer period of time?

Will we see them reunite in their favourite coffee shop or will it be an entirely new set?

Who will have kids/be married? And most importantly, are all the characters still friends?

There are rumours that HBO are actually reuniting the group for a one hour interview special with Ellen DeGeneres.

Confirming the news on social media HBO announced; “The Friends cast set to reunite for exclusive HBO Max special … we are reuniting with David, Jennifer, Courteney, Matt, Lisa, and Matthew for an HBO Max special that will be programmed alongside the entire Friends library.”

We literally can’t wait for this.


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