Remember Regina George’s Little Sister? Here’s What She Looks Like Now

She's 21 and living the dream.

Some of the funniest scenes in Mean Girls came from inside Regina George’s home. Between her so-called ‘cool mom’ and her too-mature-for-her age little sister Kylie, we were treated to pure comedic gold.

But 13 years have passed since the movie was released, so what does Kylie, real name Nicole Crimi, look like now? Well, she’s gorgeous, to put it short.

Now aged 21, Nicole is a super talented artist with the most envy-worthy Insta feed. She’s been busy traveling the world, stopping in New Zealand, Fiji, Spain, and Italy, and she’s been sharing some stunning photos to make it social media offish.

Drinking Fiji water in Fiji #tb ?? #fiji #bula

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Loving the Barcelona ar(t)chitecture ??? #gaudi

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Italian canals <3

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She’s proud of her Mean Girls past, and she always shares screenshots of the movie on October 3rd, for obvious reasons. Here’s last year’s #TBT snap of her and Lindsay Lohan.

"On October 3rd he asked me what day it was." "It's October 3rd" Happy #nationalmeangirlsday ?

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Just for old time’s sake, let’s look at Nicole in action circa 2004.

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