Roz Purcell Reveals How Her Sister Has Been Staying ‘Positive’ Since Being Diagnosed With Cancer

She's made one major lifestyle change.

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It’s been a rocky few months for model Roz Purcell, but the 25-year-old is as optimistic as ever.

After announcing her break-up from her boyfriend of three years, singer Niall Breslin, last month, Roz dropped another personal bombshell today: her big sister Rachel is currently battling cancer.

Rachel was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia back in January, and while it’s a “long-term disease,” Roz says Rachel has been “very positive” throughout.


Speaking to the Irish Independent today, Roz explained how the pair adopted their dog Wilko under advice from doctors, who recommended Rachel do everything she could to foster a stress-free lifestyle.

“[O]ne of the things she was advised to do was to keep her stress levels down, and it was suggested to us that we get a dog. Rachel and I live together in Dublin, so it made sense because we love dogs and had wanted one for a while,” Roz says of the pair’s Jack Russell, who is a rescue dog.

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“Having Wilko has helped Rachel so much because having a pet there really encourages you to go out every day walking…. It’s the ultimate distraction and de-stresser.”

As for Rachel, Roz says her sister has been reaching regular “health milestones” and is coping well.

Wishing Rachel all the best for a return to full health.