Season 2 Of ‘You’ Gets Even Creepier Without Joe’s Voice Over

You just have to laugh.

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At this stage, everyone and their mother has got through the second season of ‘You’ on Netflix. It has its problems, sure, but there’s something about that show that’s just so addictive. Plus, it seems half the viewers have an obsession with Penn Badgley (so much so Netflix felt the need to make this Joe collage), which probably helps too.

We all know the story, Joe moves to LA after his rampage in New York, then falls for Love Quinn who he ultimately stalks and of course, kills some more people while he’s at it. Season two has its differences from season one, a completely different setting and a brand new love interest, but there are a few things that stay the same. Like creepy Joe and his creepy voiceover.

But Netflix have now released a clip of what season two would be like without creepy Joe’s creepy voiceover. Honestly, we can’t decide even it’s even creepier or just hilariously awkward.

The intense stares and awkward silences, it’s just a bit gas really.


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