Selling Sunset’s Davina Is Leaving The Oppenheim Group For A Rival Company

But she still hopes to be a part of the show


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Selling Sunset’s Davina Potratz is leaving the Oppenheim Group to go and work for a rival company in what she describes as a ‘purely business decision’.

Spilling the tea, Davina told People magazine that while she’s leaving the Oppenheim Group, she isn’t leaving real-estate and she still hopes to appear on the hit TV series in the future. Explaining that the brokerage rivals Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills made her an offer she just couldn’t refuse, Davina said:

“I’m really excited to be a part of Douglas Elliman and their very sophisticated and global new development division.”

“It’s not that I wanted to leave, but I had a great opportunity. It was a purely business decision.”


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So is there bad blood between Davina and owner of the Oppenheim Group, Jason?

Well, no. Jason has said that he only wanted the best for Davina is hopeful that they can work together again sometime in the future.

“Davina has always been a tremendous asset and a valued agent at the Oppenheim Group, and she is also a friend whose career decisions I very much respect and support,” Jason told People. 

“I will always want the best for Davina, and I hope that we continue to work together in the future.”

Davina isn’t the first person to leave the group since season two of the show aired, with Jason’s brother, Brett, choosing to leave the company in order to branch out on his own instead.

Going on to say that she hopes she can still be a part of the show (and we do too, just think of all the drama we’d be missing out on!!) she said that since Brett has also left the agency, she’s hoping that filming won’t be a problem.

“I certainly hope that I’m still part of the cast. Brett is not at the Oppenheim Group anymore either, so I don’t think that that’s going to be an issue at all.”


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But, if you’re wondering how the other women in the Oppenheim Group took the news of her departure, particularly Mary who has some long-standing beef with Davina that we saw played out in season two of the series, they don’t actually know yet, but Davina is certain that they’ll be happy for her.

“We all know each other so well. So I think they’ll be excited and supportive.”

A release date for season three of Selling Sunset is still yet to be confirmed at this time.