Selling Sunset’s Maya And Davina React To Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Plot Hole’ Claims

Chrissy isn't entirely sure that the Selling Sunset gals are real estate agents.


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I have a confession, I was awful slow jumping on the Selling Sunset bandwagon. I started it, and after one episode I was like, meh? I was left confused, because I thought it would be right up my street. But I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that I gave it another go, and now that I binged my way through the three seasons, I’m feeling a little lost.

Just like myself, and pretty much everyone else in the world, Chrissy Teigen also binged her way through the hit Netflix show. But Chrissy had some thoughts on the show that never really popped into my head, she’s not entirely convinced that the women working for The Oppenheim Group are actually real estate agents. Awkward.

“I will say,” Chrissy tweeted, “I look at LA real estate a lot and have never seen any of these people lol [neither] have our agents, who I have obsessively asked.”

A follower then asked if Chrissy thinks the experts that feature on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing are the real deal, to which she replied, “I see them all the time in LA! And bought from John[Gomes] and Frederick [Eklund] in New York.”


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Now, Maya and Davina have reacted to Chrissy’s claims.

Speaking to E! News, Maya explained that the reason why Chrissy’s real estate friends may not have heard of her is that she splits her time between LA and Miami so much. Maya also added, “oddly enough, I did sell a house on the same street where she andJohn Legend purchased a house a couple of months ago.” And if Chrissy and John want to add a Miami property to their portfolio, she’s only more than happy to help,  “If she ever wants to buy in Miami I’m here to help!”

As for Davina, she explained that her background is largely in development sales, which is why she isn’t running in the same circles that Chrissy would know. “I know a lot of agents and if you’re not a luxury condo buyer, you may not know me, but I closed and sold deals for $9 million and up,” she shared. “So, certainly I’m not offended by anything that she said.”

Maya also made it clear that she’s in no way offended. “I’m definitely not offended. And I’m actually excited she watched the show again. Any publicity is good publicity.

“Obviously, she wasn’t impressed with some of the agents, but that’s okay. ‘Cause she watched it and I think it is great publicity for all of us.”

She continues, “People make fun of us, like whatever, it’s all good. It means they are watching, we see it as a blessing and, and you know we are very humble about it and it’s a great experience. I decided to get more real estate business. I’ve been doing real estate for seven years, but it’s not every day you get your own show. So, that has definitely helped me to gain more credibility.”

Davina agrees, adding that the exposure was enough for her. “Bottom line, I did the show for real estate as well,” she explains. “I did it predominantly for real estate marketing and to really focus on our business. So, that’s really the intention behind it.”


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