Shane Lynch Dropped An F-Bomb On The Late Late Last Night & People Are APPALLED

Ah here..

Last night saw Boyzone appear on The Late Late Show for a little bit of nostalgia of a Friday night.

The lads, Mickey, Ronan, Keith and Shane were on RTE to chat about their final ever studio album, Thank You & Goodnight, when things got a bit heated.

Now we all remember THAT Boyzone performance on the Late Late back in 1993 that kick started their career and makes a stellar contribution to Reeling In The Year’s, but it seems as if Shane Lynch doesn’t quite remember it as fondly as we do.

When host Ryan Tubridy brought up the clip of the performance, three out of four of the lads laughed along with the audience, but Shane got more than a little bit agro… Young readers, close your ears.


Basically, Shane Lynch told Tubs to ‘shove it up your f&*kin hole,’ in what can only be described as the most scandalous thing to ever happen on RTE television.

And as you can imagine, Irish viewers (who were all probably watching with their grannies) were not impressed with the potty mouth!

What did you think? Team Shane or Team Tubs?