Should You Be ‘Contra-dating’ To Find ‘The One’?

It's tough out there.

via Budgeron Bach / Pexels

If you’re dating, you’ll know how difficult it can be to actually, well, date.

There’s swiping, there’s unmatches, there’s trying to meet someone IRL like they did in the days of yore, but that’s really hard because you can’t have a full brief of their social media before then.

The dating world has changed considerably in recent years, and with all the new apps, expectations, and pressures, there comes a plethora of new trends we’re expected to take heed and be aware of.

But it’s not all bad. Sure there’s breadcrumbing, ghosting, spider-webbing, and just-being-an-asshole-ing, but there’s also some positive things coming out of modern dating trends – like ‘contra-dating.’

According to Plenty of Fish, the trend is set to be big in 2024. But what is it, and how could it potentially help your dating life?

‘Contra-dating’ is just like ‘contradicting’ – eg, contradicting yourself and your usual type and going for something (or someone) you generally wouldn’t go for.

According to research conducted by the app, 59% of people are hoping to broaden their horizons and date outside of their usual ‘type’ next year. Similarly, 33% of people want to switch up the way they date as they haven’t been seeing results among those they tend to gravitate towards.

Sticking with what you know is tempting, especially when dating apps have led to an intense amount of choice that otherwise didn’t exist. Why bother go for something new, when there’s probably a hundred of what you’re used to in the stack?

But if what you’re used to isn’t serving you, then maybe it’s time to switch it up.

And hey, it makes sense. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – but if it is broke, maybe stop going for sad indie boys who won’t text back.