So, Daisy-Edgar Jones’ Boyfriend Is This Game Of Thrones Actor

You're telling us it's not Connell?!

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Marianne having a breather 🌞 @endabowe

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Normal People has rapidly gone on to become one of the most talked-about shows in recent history. From its epic portrayal of consent to its heartbreaking display of modern love, there’s little mystery surrounding why everyone is raving about it.

While characters in the series are unlucky in love, it seems that for Daisy-Edgar Jones, who plays the character of Marianne doesn’t have the same luck when it comes to romance as her on-screen character.

Although we couldn’t blame you for assuming that Daisy was hooking up IRL with her on-screen lover, Paul Mescal (that chemistry tho), we have to inform you that this is not the case. While Daisy is dating a fellow actor, it’s not Paul.

Daisy is in fact currently dating Tom Varey, who you might recognise from his role as Cley Gerwyn in hit HBO series Game Of Thrones.

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Lean on tree when you’re not strong

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While we’re not sure exactly how long the two have been dating, but we do know that they currently live together in London. We also know that Daisy, Tom, and Paul all went on a triple date together ahead of filming Normal People, so they could all get acquainted with one another in the hopes of making things less awkward when the sexy’s began on set.

Daisy recently opened up in an interview, admitting that it was a little uncomfortable for her boyfriend to watch her being intimate with someone else on-screen.

“Tom was gritting his teeth [during the sex scenes] but at least he’s seen it now,” she said.


But, the good news, however, is that having done a little snooping, it does appear that Paul, who plays Connell, is single, so y’know, the second quarantine ends and all that.



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