So Gemma Owen Just Confirmed She And Luca Bish Aren’t Exclusive Yet

Gemma and Luca are in no rush!


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Love Island is really all about love this year, with most of the couples making things official and sticking together when their time in the villa came to an end.

But one pair of the finalists have yet to make things official, with runner ups Gemma Owen and Luca Bish not yet being exclusive.

Gemma shared some insights into their relationship on her YouTube channel. Saying: ““I know a lot of you are like: ‘What’s going on with Luca?,’ Things are going really, really well.”

“Since being out of the villa things have changed for the better – feelings have grown so much more, which is kind of obvious. But, I wasn’t expecting it to be going how it is.”


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But after sharing how their relationship was going, Gemma confessed the pair have yet to make it official.

“There’s a lot of questions on: ‘Oh are you two official yet?’. Whenever we do an interview that seems to be the most talked about topic.”

“We’re not yet,” the equestrian admitted.

As for why they’re waiting, it seems there is a lot of focus on labels which is putting too much pressure on it.

As she explained: “I feel like there’s been a bit of a build up now, people are like: ‘When is it gonna be? When is it gonna be?’ I feel like he’s got a bit of pressure on him like: ‘S**t I need to make something good out of this.’”

“But, it’s definitely on the cards and I think it will definitely be really soon so really excited for that.”


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Gemma and Luca coupled up during the first week of Love Island, and remained steady throughout the course of the show.

Finishing in second place behind winners Ekin-Su and Davide.

While they’re not exclusive yet, the pair have been enjoy life outside the villa and have already met each other’s families.