So Here’s What Tasha Ghouri Wished Had Been Shown During Her Love Island Stint

Turns out, there was a side to Tasha we didn't see on Love Island!


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Love Island is hands down one of the most beloved reality shows around, providing plenty of drama, and quick one-liners. So considering all that viewers get from an episode, it’s hard to believe there are parts we don’t see.

But, alas, this is the case. No worries though, as the contestants are normally pretty happy to fills us in on what was left out of the show.

Tasha Ghouri is the latest islander to offer fans the inside scoop, and turns out a lot of scene when Tasha was sticking up for herself got cut.

As she told Women’s Health: “There’s many times where I did stand my ground but that didn’t get shown. Which, you know, was a bit annoying because there’s quite a few moments where I did, you know, put my foot down. But you know it is what it is, isn’t it?”

“It’s tv”


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Tasha also shared some of her biggest challenges in the villa. Particularly due to her hearing condition.

Revealing: “There’s many challenging times in the villa, you know, such as when you get a text and not be able to hear.”

“I’ll be on the other side and then I’ll be like, ‘oh what’s just being said’. Or conversations, I miss out on some conversations because people talk all at once so I can’t lip read sometimes.”

“And even just being in the villa is draining sometimes because I’m constantly having to lip read. I do get concentration fatigue so that is when my brain’s overworking so much 24/7.”
there’s many challenging times in the


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Continuing: “So yeah it does really take a toll on me so I think that’s why I get quite emotional in there because I’m having to deal with a lot at once.”

“That’s just something I have to deal with. I’ve dealt with it all my life. But being in the villa was just a different environment. To being on cameras, and microphone all the time, so yeah, it was quite a lot but it also was good fun you know. “


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