So Love Island’s Amber Gill Is Clashing With Rob Kardashian’s Ex

In today's strange turn of events...

Ready for a bit of online drama between celebs? This time, it’s Love Island winner Amber Gill, and Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend Mehgan James.

It’s all a bit confusing, and it sounds like Amber herself is a little confused by it all. But in a nutshell, it’s a UK reality TV star and an American reality TV star clashing online. So what happened? Let’s get into it.

Amber shared a video discussing cheating with her Twitter followers, from a US reality show Notorious Queens, which showed Mehgan speaking about how she would allow her boyfriend to “cheat respectfully”.

Cheat respectfully? We’re confused too.

In the clip, Mehgan went on to explain what she meant, saying “Cheating respectfully to me is cheating where I don’t find out. It’s having control over your other women, it’s using condoms and not having babies. Cheat respectfully, because believe it or not, your man is cheating.”

But Amber disagreed, retweeting the video and captioning it “I’ll never be one of those girls ‘as long as he knows where home is’ lol off you go street cat.”

Mehgan saw Amber’s tweet, and basically was not impressed, tweeting: “This UK girl tried to go in on me …. and she said “off you go you street cat” I said what? And bust out laughing. “off you go ??? street cat”

Amber then replied, “I don’t even know who you are? How did I call YOU a street cat” seemingly implying she meant the boyfriend was the ‘street cat’.

See? Confusing.

When another Twitter user tweeted Mehgan to say that it was obvious Amber wasn’t talking about her, she then came back with “It’s really not that obvious if you don’t know what a street cat is … that’s why I asked.”

There we have it, the latest in Twitter celeb dramas.